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Music Downloads Featured Artist: Kid Bludo

Don't let the name fool you. These guys (and gal) rock! Their latest album "Up & Away" blew us away with incredible vocal performances and male/female harmonies that might just go down in rock history among the best. The tunes are filled with tasty guitar licks that are not overdone, but instill an urgency and feel for each song's meaning.

Free Music Downloads Featured Artist: Kid Bludo

The album is filled with songs that are inspirational and are among the most catchy tunes we have heard in decades. The album has meaning with musical chops, and is exactly the type of music we had in mind when developing the idea for free music downloads. We have a feeling that Kid Bludo just might take off, just like their namesake super-hero!

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Below is the entire playlist from Kid Bludo's "Up & Away" album. You can listen to the whole album for free right here. Following the playlist is the link for your free two song mp3 music downloads from the Kid Bludo album, with no strings attached!


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